Entrepreneurs festival at medan euy


At sundat I went to the entrepreneurs festival at madani hotel medan. The speakers are dewa prayoga, nilam baba rafi kebabs, deni villa, dr egi regar and the last is Dr. Izam.
Actually there were felix siaw but unfortunately he can’t be here because the doctors said he must take a full rest about two month.

Dewa prayoga are sundanese just like me hehe.. but he was younger than me. His age is 21. And his businesses is wow a lot. He told about seven mistakes that always do by entrepreneurs beginners. Good presentation.
Nilam sari from baba rafi turki kebabs is told about her franchise company.
Deni villa is told about how to recruit a good employee by doing some test called DISC code.
Dr. Egi regar is presented about touching our heart. Feel it. And the spirit !.
The last speaker is telling about dinar and dirham.

This festival are built by TDA community medan. Are there are new people who take care TDA medan. I also member of this community,  but I don’t have a member card. When I asked about it I must go to pondok permata restaurant at jl.kapten muslim. Until now I can’t get it hehe….


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