tips to keep your patience

Here are tips to keep patience that I read in a magazine ( I forgot to mention the title ) .

1 . Do not think that you are the person with the most correct what you are doing .

2 . Stop expecting someone else will help you with the problems faced today , think quiet with its own problems .

3 . Accept the fact that it is not easy to make everyone happy with what you are doing , let time pass and all happens according to what you have done .

4 . Do not think that you know all that is most true for others .

5 . Do not think that people who disagree with you , then they are different to you , be fair to everyone .

6 . Think positive , meaning that the better we do not think it would be a bad thing that will happen to us .

7 . Sympathetic to others .

8 . Stop thinking about personal interests and start to think about the surroundings .

9 . Finding the best solution of any problems encountered without causing a fuss .

may be useful

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